Our Team

Jeff Anderson is one of the founding members, owner and managing partners of LER.
– started in the exterior remodeling business in 2000, while he was attending the University of North Dakota.
– his father Scott asked of his help by going door-to-door to see if homeowners that had been affected by a recent hail storm needed any help.
– after graduating in 2001, Jeff started his career at C.R.S.I as a sales rep. Jeff teamed up with his father and worked all over the Mpls/St. Paul metro area.
– they averaged anywhere from 50-80 customers at any given time.
– in 2002 they ventured to Iowa to help homeowners affected by a hail storm while still working for C.R.S.I.
– in 2003-2004 Jeff and his father went out on their own and worked in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

– In 2005 Jeff took a break from the remodeling business and found a job working for Countrywide Home Loans.
– He found the mortgage business very shady at that time and in 2006 went back to working with his father.
– In 2007 Jeff became the Production Manager for Northland Home Exteriors and held that position until 2008.
– Jeff and Scott teamed up from 2006-2010 while working for two different contractors.

– After working for three different contractors since 2000, Jeff decided it was his time to start his own company.
– Jeff obtained the MN Building Contractors license in the fall of 2010 and named the new company Zip Zap Remodeling.
– In 2011 Jeff changed the company’s name to Limitless Exteriors and Remodeling.


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